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Just war theory is an interesting idea which constitutes both elements of ethics and politics to form a theory that describe the ethical and political relationship between states and sovereignty. Just War theory can be describes as an attempt to reconcile war with morality. War Essay Psychology a concentration of fire at the enemy ...read more


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Essay on Just War. The concept of the “Just War” is controversial. On the one hand, the war implies injustice, because parties involved in the war use extreme violence and often military actions result in casualties among civilians. ...read more


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Essays Related to Just War Theory. 1. Just War Theory. Just War For more than a thousand years Christian ethicists and theologians have used the language of just war theory to determine when it is morally acceptable for a Christian to go to war. When asked about war some would allude to the Just War … ...read more


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Recent papers in Just War Theory. Papers; People; Yoruba Philosophy and Moral Constraints to War. Ronald Olufemi Badru has argued, in a recent article in Ethical Perspectives, that his principle of Alajobi can offer a theory of just war based on an African value system. Although I agree with most of Badru’s arguments, I consider that ...read more


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Aug 28, 2012 · Explain Just War Theory - Essay Just War theory is a notion that involves issues of justice in philosophical, political and religious aspects. The notion generally refers not only for obtaining the answer whether the war is just, but also in order to understand why wars are generally fought. ...read more


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Jul 21, 2014 · Authors as far back as Cicero, and in various cultural traditions, 1 have sought to answer this question: When is a war just? The just war tradition (or just war theory) is one subset of military ethics. 2 Recently, interest in just war theory was ignited by Michael Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars (1977), published in the wake of the Vietnam War. More recently, profound challenges to “traditional” just war … ...read more


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Feb 21, 2006 · Light in the Darkness Publications has just come out with a two-volume opus on the war in Iraq, Neo-Conned, and Neo-Conned Again, collections of essays by Catholics and some non-Catholics applying the just war doctrine to present realities. Included among the contributors are personal acquaintances of this editor, men who have deeply ruminated ...read more


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Thomas Aquinas - Just War Theory from Summa Theologiae II-II, q. 40. War is justified (nation A wars justly against nation B) on the following conditions: A. It is called by a sovereign authority.B. It has a just cause.C. The combatants have morally right intentions (not vengeance or profit - see below).D. Qualifying Conditions (from… ...read more


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Discussion of Whether There is Any Such Thing as a Just War view essay example Ethics Just War Theory Nonviolence 3 Pages . Philosophers have debated the issue of the morality of war for centuries, and have concluded that there is, in fact, such a thing as a just war; and a just way of waging war. ...read more


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just war Essay. 2036 Words9 Pages. One of the oldest traditions in religious ethics is that of the just war. The "Just War Theory" specifies under which conditions war is just. Opposition based on the Just War Theory differs from that of pacifists. Oppositionists oppose particular wars but not all war. ...read more


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Oct 21, 2014 · Under the Just War doctrine, a set of rules for military combat must be followed. This means treating non-combatants such as women, children, elderly, wounded, and prisoners of war humanely. The Catechism describes genocide as a “mortal sin” and forbids the extermination of religious and ethnic minorities, women, and other populations. ...read more


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